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Posted by: cruz ortega Jul 10 2018, 01:30 AM

"We have posted your phone number on a board for tutoring…" His stepsiblings were standing in front of him. Their expressions betrayed their fear and their hope. Without a word, Cruz plunged his fork in the rice and mixed with the sauce of the chicken stew. "High school…" the younger one started. "You're going to go back, right?"

"We don't have money to waste into tutoring for me." Saving for his siblings, sending his mother into rehab, helping their father to pay the bills, and foreseeing what the siblings would like to have as soon as school would start. "Go back to bed, pollitos. I'll come later."

Once he was alone, he finished to eat then sighed. Ridgeview was a general high school, while he felt his place was at a vocational one. But it would have meant moving away.

Scratching the back of his neck, he gaped at the small kitchen. His phone put on the table vibrated then stopped. The number wasn't familiar, and his stepsiblings' words crossed his mind. Were they ashamed?

00:34 AM


got the wrong number?

did i screw you?

my bad if you've read a message about tutoring


Posted by: Li Hua Zhang Jul 10 2018, 02:52 AM
"Just because you have a job, that doesn't mean you can just slack off on your grades!"

Nag, nag, nag nag nag. Those were the words of a hypocrite, she thought to herself. Once again the woman was being irritating, but as always she was forced to take the short end of the stick. That's probably why she actually went out of her way to try getting a tutor. It was out of the question to go asking someone from the school, only because she didn't know.. How to exactly speak to them. Should she say hi? Make small chat? Would that be weird? Oh, what was she saying? Of course it would be. You'd have that one quiet girl pretty much just--

Ugh, and here she was probably worrying over nothing.

For the sake of having peace of mind, she saw this tutoring ad on the board. Honestly, it was way better than nothing. After finishing up her food, she grabbed her phone and casually made her way to her brother's room as he was tapping away on his computer in his own game world.

"Hey, Sis? You think it's legitimate?"
"... Probably. One way to find out, right?"
"I know mom told you to get a tutor, but isn't it a bit dangerous to be texting someone you've never met?"
"Hah, that's rich coming from you, to me."

Friday, Summer #
got the wrong number?
did i screw you?
my bad if you've read a message about tutoring
Well.. I wasn't expecting that response.
I'm pretty sure you didn't screw me.
Anyways, I did call about tutoring. I'm sorry for contacting you so late into the night.

Posted by: cruz ortega Jul 10 2018, 12:18 PM

Cruz heaved a sigh. OK, good, apparently it wasn't an ex. Still, he waited before replying and pushed a glass of water between his fingers. If he would go back to Ridgeview, he'd be surrounded by his former juniors. There were his childhood friends, but he didn't need to stay trapped in a class to see them.

00:46 AM


good, i had to make sure

ah this message

you contacted a hopeless case

not sure i'll keep up with hs anyway


i kinda wasted your time

REPLY TO Li Hua Zhang

Posted by: Li Hua Zhang Jul 10 2018, 01:42 PM

It was either this, or it was going back to try and finding a tutor. Li Hua was fortunate that she was able to find someone, period, just so she could tell her mom and get the woman off her back. In the meantime, she casually leans over the back of her brother's chair while watching him play a nice game of overwatch on his own time.

"... What is that tank doing?"
"Aren't they supposed to be defending you?"
"Apparently, but he thinks he's an ADC."
".. Dude, you're gonna die-- Oh. You died."

For a moment, Li Hua smiles a bit before snickering at her sibling's distress. This snicker was cut off by the vibration of her phone, and with that she glances back down at the screen.
Friday, Summer
I see.
The most I need to do is review my stuff, really.
And.. Make sure I probably don't screw up.
If anything, it'd be helpful for you to be there, period.
I'm willing to pay for it, too. If you name a rate.
I didn't exactly see one in the post.

Posted by: cruz ortega Jul 11 2018, 01:45 PM

As Cruz read the messages, something started to trouble him. Him making sure someone doesn't screw up? He could do the work if it was 'how to burglar a house' or 'how to maintain a car' for dummies. But 1) someone would never ask him about that, 2) his stepsiblings would never talk about this past as well.

"Chino," a tired husky voice echoed in the kitchen.
"I'm not a kid anymore," Cruz mumbled before his stepfather managed to add some words. He was used to his Colombian slang and the meaning of his words.
"You'll stop being one, one day." He came closer to the fridge, opened it, and took a juice bottle out. "What did you decide?" He paused then sighed. "I heard."
A man of few words as usual, but Cruz understood.
"Dunno, pa."

The man looked at him silently. Cruz could feel his gaze, but he avoided it. Home and the garage felt safe. Here he could loosen up, but sometimes he couldn't help but fear some reactions. Without a word, his stepfather approached and patted a shoulder. "Whatever you decide, don't forget one thing. There aren't small jobs, there are only small minds."

Alone again, Cruz crossed his arms on the table. Should he take baby steps and decide after?

01:10 AM


i don't think if you add two people who screw up

it will turn into a success

i wasn't the one who posted the message

so idk the content

but we're in the same boat

what's your year?

REPLY TO Li Hua Zhang

Posted by: Li Hua Zhang Jul 11 2018, 02:07 PM

"You gonna go to bed anytime soon?"
"Sleep is for the WEAK--"
"Oh shut up."

Poorly whispering banter was exchanged between herself and her half brother, both of which seemed both fairly tired considering the time. But with summer here and school starting again, she couldn't exactly say anything to keep him in bed and sleeping like every good kid out there. For the time being, she keeps looking over his shoulder as he lazily scrolls through games on his PC.

"Hey, sis?" He voices out, casually turning his head to look upwards at the deadpanned female.

"I still don't get why mom's so intent on getting you a tutor."
"It's one of the seven mysteries of the world."
"No, seriously. You're already pretty smart."
"At this point, I'll just be glad to have someone who's content with getting paid for just sitting there and doing whatever for an hour."

The boy snickers while going back to his games. Li Hua on the other hand, glances back down to her phone with a sense of pensive thought.
Friday, Summer
Eh.. I've seen worse.
Oh, I see. Basically it said you were up to tutor high school students. It didn't really specify a year, though.
I'm in my senior year.
Only thing I'm screwing up in is Data Management. Probability, Statistics. Easy math but too much problem solving.
... And another class. Auto Class. You know, mechanics and all.
At worst, think of it as getting paid for sitting by me at the library.

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