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Posted by: nick Feb 4 2017, 02:11 PM
wanted ads
search for that one
If you are interested in posting for a wanted ad or are seeking particular characters or roles, please post them in this thread to help keep things organized. groups/clubs and more general groups for multiple characters can be posted in a separate thread in this board.

You can also reply to this thread to respond to an ad. Make sure you tag the poster so they know you're interested!

Once your ad has been filled please delete it or ask an admin to.

Posted by: maura scott Apr 7 2017, 09:44 PM
tl;dr i'm looking for characters to fill up the roles in a sailor moon based all-girl junior detective league.

basically, these girls are ridgeview’s unofficial/amateur detective agency (magical girl meets CSI?), meaning that they take "cases" presented by other students and investigate them, whether it's someone's stolen gym equipment or a show-and-tell pet gone missing.

the group is based on characters from sailor moon, and you can find individual information on each girl by hovering over their image. specific relationships can be discussed by whoever takes up the characters!

when it comes to cliques or anything, those are completely your choice. however, most slots have preferences regarding what year group they're in. feel free to voice any questions or concerns you have — i hope you consider taking up a spot <3
moon is the agency's lead detective and overall head of operations. she's the big boss woman behind everything, the founder and face of the group, and started it all with her friend mercury. i'd like her to be a senior. open.

mercury is the group's main source of intel (i.e. gossip) and head of what they call their "reconnaissance and research" department. she is very close friends with moon. her year group is completely up to you. open.
mars works alongside her friend jupiter; the two are the group's versatile good cop/bad cop duo. she's an efficient investigator, and very organised in all aspects of the group's work. preferably a junior or senior. open.

jupiter is primarily an investigator slash interrogator who works with mars, but also functions as the group's muscle, for whenever they need that kind of thing — be it for intimidation or manual labour. maura scott; played by zwang.
venus is the group's head of PR and advertising; she does things like print flyers around the school, or use social media to get word around about what they do. ideally, i'd like her to be a freshman or a sophomore. ainsley tyson; played by auto.

Posted by: mitsuo williams Aug 6 2017, 01:07 AM
Disclaimer! These are really involved plots for my character and I would appreciate it if people who asked to play them already had another active character on the site first just so the plot doesn't get dropped. Thanks!

Arata Williams is Mitsuo’s older brother. He’s a loving, tolerant young man that’s had to learn how to adapt to change and heartache at a young age. He’s a good guy that adores his little brother despite their current rift. He’s good at keeping his emotions in check and thinking through problems under pressure or while agitated. He dyed his hair pink to better understand Mitsuo’s current rebellion but it’s only worsened the bad blood between them, though all of it is one sided. Arata raised Mitsu when the family left their father.

Tl;dr I want someone to make mitsuo’s older brother. He’s a happy go lucky senior that is doing his best to mend his relationship with Mitsuo. Can be a fringe, jock, or nerd! Recommended face is kisumi shigino from free! I didn’t want to make this too long and I just want awkward, angry sibling plots so if you wanna deal with a brat then hmu for the extended history between them. Also he is a charming young man, so obviously ainsley tyson has a HUGE thing for him. A stalker thing. Just letting you know.
Disclaimer! These are really involved plots for my character and I would appreciate it if people who asked to play them already had another active character on the site first just so the plot doesn't get dropped. Thanks!

Ryo is Mitsuo’s best friend, and competitive rival. Both boys were incredibly academically inclined and there was an admiration in between both during sports and love alike. While they never shared a crush, there was friendly Valentine’s day confessions and chocolate rivalry. both just wanted a chocolate send help Him and Mitsuo were close until Mitsuo had to leave Japan and move to America. The kept in contact slightly but for the most part, Ryo remembers Mitsuo as smart and incredibly athletic kid who pushed him to do better. He has no idea Mitsuo just become a total delinquent and everything they shit talked

Tl;dr I want Ryo to basically be a transfer student like either a homestay or whatever in Peachtree and reunite with Mitsuo after 3 years of not being able to see each other. Ryo is the kind of guy that would be incredibly disappointed and even patronizing towards Mitsuo for his change in lifestyle. Total avoidance and something of a souring of friendship between them. May not outwardly show his feelings at school but definitely hates how Mitsuo has let himself go. It’s kind of angsty but Mitsuo is pretty shit. Cold stay enemies or have an eventual mending of the friendship w/e u want. Freshman, 15, nerd, recommended face sakuma ritsu from ensemble stars. Lemme know if u wanna lmao.
© Jaronart

Posted by: angel marcuthe Sep 10 2017, 10:29 PM
This guy is Loto Swanson (17), Angel's only "real" friend. Their moms were super close friends, so he and Angel were always together. Loto's family isn't rich, but he did get to experience the finer things in life since he was almost always at her house. There is a possibility for romance but that would be something we'd have to discuss down the road because, lbr...Angel is a real bitch. Recommended FC is Kiba from Naruto - mainly because they have a lot of art together.

Posted by: spencer jones Oct 17 2017, 01:38 PM

spencer jones

fiancée .

female . junior - senior . whateversexual . any clique .

hey y'all! so this is spencer jones. he is a spoiled teenager, a jock, and a bully. he also has a fiancee. and despite the choice of graphics, this isn't at all meant to be a romance plot. it has the potential to become one, but romance isn't, and likely will not be a priority. in fact, as all rich-kid-engagement-plots go, theirs too was arranged by their parents. this means that it would've been a thing for years: a whole decade at least. but the reality is that despite popular belief, spencer doesn't actually care about the engagement. he isn't even the least bit repulsed by it. as a matter of fact, he's completely okay with marrying someone he has no romantic feelings for. y'see, he has this warped belief that as long as he follows the teachings of the catholic church, his future as a star athlete would be secured. an example of this is that while he does often fool around, he's dead set that he would only ever 'go all the way' with his fiancee. 8')

but ya. that's basically it. honestly, there's no real requirements for the fiancee's personality. it'd work as long as she's a cali native and that her family is rich? and said family maybe has an alliance/business partnership with the joneses who own an e-commerse company? but the rest is completely open, and whatever she feels towards the engagement is up to you as well. just know that if she wants to try and break the engagement, well, spencer might not necessarily help her. as a matter of fact, he'd likely just hit on her to make it worse. and since spencer's not the most likable guy on the block, i don't think that they'd get along super well either? so expect an awful hateship that involves a lot of verbal and physical fights tbh lmao.

on a separate but related note, i would prefer that this character has been on the site for awhile! or if you're interested in making a new character for the plot, pls make sure that you've been relatively active on misfits to begin with, and have other plots for her aside from this single ad. pls also keep in mind that i do reserve the right to turn you down if i'm not comfortable with the direction(s) you take with the character. it's nothing personal tho! THANKSSS.


17 // MALE // JUNIOR // JOCK


Posted by: callista murdock Dec 4 2017, 02:49 PM
*TAKEN* little brother freshman, jock, everything else up to you

Join the Murdock family! The family is fiercely competitive and highly values sports and excellence. Her brother in particular is the quarterback (and captain if not taken already) of Ridgeview's JV team as a freshman. His eyes are set towards QB/captain of Varsity once he becomes a junior. There's also some plot potential between him and Spencer Jones because he'd take her little brother under his wing (whether for better or worse). But in the Murdock family being good at sports isn't enough, you have to have smarts. Luckily for him though, school comes easy and he is the kind of student who never studies and still aces every single test.

Both the brother and the older sister are competing to be the best kid but Callista has cemented her spot in the family as the black sheep, having strayed away from trying to impress people. So what this means for the little brother I have this idea that he might be inspired by Callista's rebellion. While he enjoys sports and has been successful in parts of the sibling rivalry, the boy isn't 100% bought into the whole deal and has defended Cali in some instances and tries to encourage her with her fragile self confidence.

Still, on the other side of the road with Cali, even though Callista is bitter about having so much pressure put on her for such a long time, she doesn't want her little brother to be shunned from the family like she was and thinks his talent in football will let him go far so long as he sticks with it. So the kid will have this great conflict with himself between following other passions and going along with what he's being pressured to do.

I think it'd be really fun to actually have someone playing the sibling, getting caught in between arguments with Spencer and Cali and I'm sure a while other host of fun stuff. A lot of stuff is completely open and for face claim as long as he's blonde that's all that matters. If you have any questions or anything, please let me know by PM! •

Posted by: HAYLEE WESCOTT Dec 26 2017, 12:21 PM
Twin sister of Haylee. Her personality is pretty open to you. Twins were born outside of the city but moved to the city when they were five. They depend much on each other and are very very close, and sometimes sexually attracted. Parents are barely home. Her personality is completely open to you, other than you follow what i've stated above. :3 Her name is open as well! (Aside from surname)
played by kururi oriharathe lovely twin to haylee. these two might or might not be trouble makers lol

Posted by: Jaden Taehyung Mar 2 2018, 02:34 AM


  • male
  • bisexual
  • 17 years old
  • Hikaru Hitachiin
  • senior
  • elite
  • animal care volunteer
  • polite, compassionate, friendly, outgoing, patient, and helpful
  • hands tend to shake when he's nervous, and is mostly seen with a smile on his face

Jaden's"perfect" older twin brother

Finally the time has come! Meet the handsome older brother! Jin is basically an opposite version of his brother, popular, kind, patient, helpful, compassionate, outgoing, athletic, and friendly. And because of this, his younger identical twin brother Jaden resents him for it. Jaden constantly feels threatened by his older brother because Jin consistently gets awards in school, is recognized as one of the star players on the school's basketball team (or practically anything he does) and if he isn't one of the recognized star players at first, he quickly gets better and eventually surpasses Jaden, but keep in mind that he doesn't do this on purpose!

Even though Jin is really clever and quick to figure out many things, it's a wonder how he hasn't figured out why his younger brother is always screaming at him for "ruining his life" or "being an asshole" after 5 years. So based on this you can assume that Jin is really clueless on why his younger brother is always angry at him, but he wishes that he could spend more time with him and get to eventually know the reason why and how he can fix things. Some of the ways he tries to attempt this is by joining whatever Jaden joins which leads to him "becoming better than him" and "taking away his spotlight" in everything.

Due to Jin being good at everything and keeping out of trouble unlike Jaden, his parents absolutely adore him. They spoil him severely due to this and Jin notices this. He tries to mainly share the things his parents spoil him with, may it be money, food, games, etc, with Jaden but Jaden just pushes him away angrily while stating that "he doesn't want his petty leftovers".

Apart from his long-lasting conflict with his younger brother, Jin is a really nice person. He loves to help those in need, which is why he volunteered to help take care of animals at the local animal shelter and is why he is well known around school. He is also known for his outgoing personality and for keeping a smile on his face even through the toughest times.


Posted by: apple Jun 8 2018, 09:54 PM
mmmk sO this is relatively a simple plot. i want to say i'll make it straight forward sometimes i ramble. either way this introduction bit is just to explain my overall idea for my young son here and his merry band of fellow idiots.

ok well, not idiots. but close enough. over the years they've come together to form this collective wtf-ery of a friendship. for the sake of my sanity we're going to be referring to james' girlfriend as her chosen name, TEMPEST, and their friends as BFF1, BFF2, BFF3, and BFF4.

now BFF1 met james when they were wee little ones. we're talking full toddlers in preschool refusing to ever take naps when they needed to. it was great though bc they were so similar in their personalities, likes, and dislikes that it was as if the lord himself wanted to bless these lil souls. by far, they are probably the closest in the group to one another given their long history.

after that james met TEMPEST. now tempest and james did not get along at all when they first met. starting in 6th grade, assigned as science partners, they immediately clashed. tempest was this loud, obnoxious female version of him. just smoller, more into the color pink, and with a slightly higher pitched voice.

eventually BFF2 & BFF2.5 came into the picture, the token twins of their squad. introduced to them by a former friend, who has since betrayed their entire group (more on that later maybe), these two have acted like the glue that keeps them all together. nothing would ever be accomplished without them, and if anyone ever asked him, james would say they are clearly the leader of this entire thing.

LASTLY enters in BFF3. the actual oldest, this young child is the least like any of them and yet it still works. quiet, reserved, barely willing to be on their own, BFF4 is undoubtedly the parent personality. where the twins are planners, this person is the worrier. always prepared with snacks, water, advice - they're really on top of being a kind and caring person. one thing that they never have to worry about is being on their own. i had this smol vision of them being from either a not so good home, the new kid, someone that's never had a lot of friends to begin with, or a combination of those things. it's not mandatory but it'd be an interesting twist.

tl;dr: james needs his friends, i'm talking about them in detail through this thing so you didn't really have to read that at all. soz, bruv.

the rat pack
tempest, tempe for short, is james' main squeeze. blooming from a disastrous and rocky beginning, these two have come to terms with the fact that they'll probably get married. even at their young ages (though tempest is 3 months older than him), it's been a relationship full of ups and downs. they've broken up briefly a few months ago, but have since gotten back together. part of it was a desire to take a break on both ends and remember what it was like to not be so serious about someone. during that period they really grew as individuals and instead of pushing them apart, it made their connection that much stronger.

i am pretty settled on her name being tempest, esp bc it really fits with his extremely extra of jameson heathcliff, and i got a whole theme happening. plus, tempe is cute af LOL her personality is pretty similar to james' except for a few things. one, she can be somewhat of a pushy person, but by no means is this a main part of who she is. it just aids in the fact that she is a bit of a perfectionist. except for of those two things, and that pink is her forever favorite color her personality is pretty open for interpretation - just keep in mind their history and jame himself bc otherwise, they'd have never gotten this far. she wouldn't be a particularly soft type of character and she wouldn't be SUPER TOUGH either.

the girlriend
future final
16 ( nerd / sophomore)
fc: natsume asako
this is james' right hand man, literally since he is a young man. the laurens to his hamilton. they have grown up as thick as thieves - one never far behind the other. if anyone had to guess who was more goofy, they might guess james and they would be very wrong. i've imagined him to be a little bit cooler than james tho, by quite a bit. he's got what i want to say is a normal family, and he's tired of it. he wants to be an adventurer like the parents of his best friend.

naturally, he's just as inventive as jame is, but with more of a knack to actually put that to use in his adult life. rather than being stuck inside a lab all day, he's hoping to get out there in the field. for now, however, he's ok with keeping to his group of friends. he also is the only one of them to have maintained a steady job, doing all his can to save money because he is smart and is already prepared for the future. he does work with james, though the latter has only recently gotten hired.

out of all of them, he's the most outgoing so i'd love to see his personality really flourish. name is open, fc is open, i do imagine him to be african-american, or at least poc( i need more representation here), everything but the below is open basically for whatever you'd like to do!

the best friend
open relat/sexuality
16 ( open group / sophomore)
fc: open
here come the twins! so the twins are the product of an introduction long since given. they were formerly the best friends of a currently unwanted person, and they usually don't want to talk about it. the short and short of them is - they are entirely open! i don't have too much to add about them expect that they would probably be fraternal twins, opposite ways of dressing (they hate when people try to dress them the same), and one is female, the other male, or at least opposite genders.
name & name
thing 1 & 2
opposite genders
open relat/sexuality
16 (nerd / sophomore)
fc: open
last but certainly not least, we have BFF3 who the oldest, and most mysterious of them all. not bc she's like, darkness personified or anything BUt because she's super quiet. i say she, bc i imagine she would indeed be female. she's that silent mom type, ready to save her children from any and all disaster. i've built it up in my head that she's not had the greatest of lives so far, and that being around her new friends has truly helped her break out of that shell just a little bit. slowly a true personality was shining through, something that they've all encouraged as they get to know each other.

it hasn't been that long, they met during their freshman year, sophomore for her, and it's been uphill heaven from there. again, besides those few points i've made, she is 100% up to your interpretation, from her fc to her name, to the names of her cats (i imagine she'd have one or two tbh).

the mom
open relat/sexuality
17 ( open group / junior)
fc: open

Posted by: Sundae Jun 9 2018, 01:00 PM

callista murdock, bby bro taken and created

Posted by: apple Jun 11 2018, 09:28 PM
SUGAR im stealing ur want asap okie? okie!

Posted by: Sundae Jun 12 2018, 03:45 PM
look at
the sparks
Soo before writing more, i want to stress this plot is only a potential romance plot for teagan crowley. I won't plot the endgame and the evolution of the relationship… Meaning it could turn into a hateship - which is super fun too!!

There was this idea of Spencer setting up dates for Tea, and I toyed with the idea, it could have happened with a teammate/member of the football team. Now this date would have been a disaster, and it can be for various reasons (a jock in the closet and Tea would be an asshole about it, Tea shooting him down, they clash before knowing they were each other date, and so on). I just love when it starts in the worst possible. Besides, this guy being in the football team would make things difficult for Teagan. He would meet him if he wants to talk to his close friends, couldn't exactly ignore him if he goes to see their games and so on.

Strong personalities and characters who can held a verbal fight or bickering would work the best. Tea would probably feel like… bullying someone who's too nice/sweet. Tension keeps him interested, and he might at some point show the sides he tries to keep under control. About the year, junior or senior, it doesn't matter. The guy may repeat his year, it works for me.

Now, 1) everything will go through roleplay, 2) the chemistry between the characters will decide everything, 3) it can go into various directions to repeated mistakes, trying to make it work and failing, destroying each other because the relationship is unhealthy, etc., 4) i enjoy realistic plots (aka it's not love at the first thread or the second) in which the friends and the family have a place. They can influence the characters willingly or unwillingly.

If someone's interested, feel free to contact me! So we could check if we're on the same wavelength!!

reserved for: vincent padilla

Posted by: jesse brekker Jun 12 2018, 04:21 PM
this ad has me curious, i wanna talk a lil more bout it.

Posted by: mango Jun 13 2018, 11:14 AM

honestly these are really flexible



The Jock/Dab Queen: princess reyes-taylor
The Creative/IRL Justin Bieber: jesse brekker

OKAY, DISCLAIMER, there can be friends from the same clique but I really want this to explore being friends and from different cliques.

So. This is Princess' crew. Her squad. Her posse. All of them have nicknames. All different cliques united in stupid goofy adventures and vine dedication. These guys have been friends since middle school or earlier, but no matter when they joined these friends are TIGHT. There are multiple sleepovers and they've helped each other with each other's problems big or small. They got friendship bracelets. Princess is the self-proclaimed leader that keeps everyone together. VERY self-proclaimed.

They could have really varying interests that fit in with different cliques, so in high school they have big changes with meeting new people, being in different classes, and getting into clique drama, for example, Princess ends up bullying the nerdier one in the group.

he ignorant

ryo's american guide!

So Ryo is staying with a host family and attending Ridgeview highschool as a sophomore, which means he won't get freshman treatment. He DOES need a guide to help him integrate into the community. This guide would be someone of Japanese descent hopefully so that he has someone to relate to and go to when he feels homesick. I also would love if they were pretty popular so Ryo can get a lot of friends quickly!

Posted by: ASTER Jun 15 2018, 03:55 AM
so, no head?
tl;dr cassandra has a small entourage of folks that help make her 'predictions' come too. they usually aren't too outlandish, but they can sometimes be strange depending on the nature of the question. sometimes, cass might ask people to plan elaborate promposals or to find some kind of animal or fabricate a 'sign' for visitors. in short, you'd basically be signing onto a small scam entourage that may eventually blow up in their face. i'm not going to be too specific on years or personalities, but i'd ideally have one from every clique participating. cass does pay people, but it takes their 'work' to pay for their 'work' non?
Air plant banh mi gochujang meh, cold-pressed bushwick vice fam flexitarian. Ennui franzen cronut health goth, coloring book taxidermy +1 swag iPhone raw denim mustache sriracha.
info • info • ELITE
Air plant banh mi gochujang meh, cold-pressed bushwick vice fam flexitarian. Ennui franzen cronut health goth, coloring book taxidermy +1 swag iPhone raw denim mustache sriracha.
info • info • JOCK
Air plant banh mi gochujang meh, cold-pressed bushwick vice fam flexitarian. Ennui franzen cronut health goth, coloring book taxidermy +1 swag iPhone raw denim mustache sriracha.
info • info • FRINGE
Air plant banh mi gochujang meh, cold-pressed bushwick vice fam flexitarian. Ennui franzen cronut health goth, coloring book taxidermy +1 swag iPhone raw denim mustache sriracha.
info • info • CREATIVE
Air plant banh mi gochujang meh, cold-pressed bushwick vice fam flexitarian. Ennui franzen cronut health goth, coloring book taxidermy +1 swag iPhone raw denim mustache sriracha.
info • info • DELINQUENT
Air plant banh mi gochujang meh, cold-pressed bushwick vice fam flexitarian. Ennui franzen cronut health goth, coloring book taxidermy +1 swag iPhone raw denim mustache sriracha.
info • info • LONER

Posted by: SQUISHY TM Jul 9 2018, 03:42 AM
squishy's wanteds

faceclaim: open
gender: open
year: senior or graduated
clique: elite if in school
role: bully, biggest crush
for: marie-jeanne roy
ok so this is for marie-jeanne as you can see! And the reason why is perfectly obvious - she needs the bully that brought her into this life obviously. this person has been with marie-jeanne for a long time - they're the ones that got her to bully someone initially. since then they've been by her side, the master behind her attack dog like determination. and she's developped this huge, massive crush on them because not only did they show her a new way of life, but they pretty much supported her over the years.

so basically they're a subtle kind of bully, and she's head over heels over them, but will never say anything about it. anything else - as to why they picked her, or why they supported her, is up to you! I don't mind darkish plots either so feel free to play with the motivations! and finally, this doesn't have to be a new character either - just so long as everything said here can fit into their established history of course!

Posted by: Li Hua Zhang Jul 9 2018, 06:59 PM
little brother
fourteen-fifteenli hua's bro
about He's cute, he's sweet, he's one of the only reasons why Li Hua puts up with her step mom (or his biological mom) in the first place. This is Li Hua's little brother; the spoiled little boy who was given everything by his parents while his older sister was suffering from their abuse. He pretty much got the easy end of the stick for being the youngest one. Long story short, he's a gamer and a pretty smart little guy for his age. If he tried, he'd be able to shoot up to the top of his class in academics; but he doesn't for whatever reason. He adores his older sister and is more than willing to protect her.. Even though he's lowkey scared of his mother. Nevertheless, he loves his sister and grandmother dearly; they're a very close-knit family.

key bio points He was often looked down upon by his father for his girly appearance in the past, and he was spoiled by his mom. His mom often tried to get him to hate Li Hua, but utterly failed. People used to compare him to Li Hua a lot, essentially putting him in the situation of living in his sister's shadow. After his dad died, he was heavily effected and grieved. He loved his father more than his mother. He played a lot of video games and still does.

misc That's about it? The FC, his current personality and etc are all open ended. I know it says creative or nerd there, but he can really be anything? Just know that he's really close to his sister, has a thing for video games, and doesn't have a good relationship with his mom.
FACE CLAIM: Himemiya Touri from Ensemble Stars!

Posted by: Sundae Jul 14 2018, 02:33 PM
back to

This short wanted ad is for faculty members - for a very brave soul /cough.

cruz ortega will go back to school, but I can't imagine it could go smoothly. So I'm looking for a teacher who has to make sure he stays in line (or not if your character thinks he's a lost cause and should be expelled for good).

The faculty member can be forced to watch over him or maybe it's something they are willing to do it. Now faculty or not, Cruz won't change his attitude that easily and may say some unpleasant things. He has more likely 0 trust in teachers too, so he would assume the other party has a 'secret' reason (it could be the case or not).

Cruz would try to avoid any discussion about the burglary and juvie, so if your character thinks it's important, feel free to poke around this matter! Just know it could be very rocky.

This ad is 100% open, but i feel it would be inspiring to play in the long run. Feel free to hmu if you're interested <3.

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