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 CREATIVE, ainsley tyson, female, sophomore, played by auto
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▸ ainsley aika tyson is the only child born to a travel photographer and a retired martial artist. while her american father is often overseas, her japanese mother runs a relatively successful aikido dojo in peachtree city. the tyson parents have always strove to raise ainsley differently from the other kids. they have no high hopes or unreasonable expectations for her, simply because her academic success was not, and will never be a great concern to them. they believe education should be practical, and decided early on that ainsley would spend most of her younger years travelling the world with her father. she attended international schools throughout grades one to four, and was exposed to different cultures and lifestyles as a result.

▸ due to her father's growing inability to keep an eye on her (or more so her own tendency to wander and disappear for hours on end), ainsley's parents realized that it would be best if she stayed in peachtree with her mother. at age nine, she returned to america and began to attend a regular public school. it was also during this time that ainsley took up aikido practice. though she hadn't originally anticipated it, she was quickly smitten by the art and soon worked her way up the ranks. she practically lived and breathed nothing but aikido for the next few years.

▸ puberty hit hard when ainsley least expected it. her passion towards aikido was forced to take a backseat when the boys in class made fun of her 'muscular legs,' as well as the rapid increase of her height; she was too strong and too tall, they said; nobody would ever want to date her at this rate, they said. while she should've known better than to let the jokes affect her, the then twelve-year-old found it difficult to accept that she stood out for all the 'wrong' reasons. and so, she mustered up the courage and told her mother that she was going to take a break from aikido. she had to direct her attention elsewhere and expand her horizons, if she wanted to find a hobby that didn't include throwing someone over her shoulder.

▸ carrying around her father's old camera proved to be beneficial, and ainsley had since then developed the habit of photo-documenting her daily life. her natural niche in the arts became even more prominent by the second semester of grade seven, with drama as her other strong suit.

▸ it wasn't until another year later did ainsley finally return to her mother's dojo as an aikido practitioner. the reason behind this was simple: she had a competitor. while she is not exactly one to get competitive, ainsley noticed almost immediately that mitsuo williams was not like the other people that frequented her family dojo. maybe it's because he's close to her daughter's age, or maybe it's because he's also japanese, but it was clear that mrs. tyson had taken a particular liking towards him. of course, ainsley wasn't about to let some foreigner (?) replace her as her mother's '#1 aikido star,' and dived straight back into practice the next day.

▸ during the summer before high school, ainsley visited japan with her mother for the first time in her life. even if she had always been vaguely exposed to the latter at home, the trends and culture of japan fascinated her. her existing interest in fashion also kicked in in full force. and when one of her relatives mentioned that she should try out amateur modelling due to her 5'8" height, ainsley eagerly took the suggestion. she made a brand new instagram account on the flight back to america, and has since then kept up with a one-post-per-day routine.

POSITIVES affectionate. creative. curious. imaginative. outgoing. passionate. romantic. welcoming. NEGATIVES eccentric. emotional. forgetful. idealistic. meddlesome. naive. overdramatic. overprotective. QUIRKS ▸ touchy-feely
▸ vegan
▸ carries her camera ('mini') everywhere

❝ can i touch your spyglass? ❞
─ mitsuo williams @ eugene park, ft. ainsley's inner mind theatre
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yessss welcome back vegan bb gorl <3 learn the model life. hunter appreciates it :wink wonk:

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