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Posted by: nick Jan 23 2017, 10:46 PM
o1. general rules
site guidelines
Be respectful to everyone on the site. Treat everyone with kindness. This rule extends to the c-box.

Do not steal other people's property, including codes and characters.

Follow all of jcink's rules and policies. This includes keeping all content at a pg-13 rating.

Activity checks will typically be monthly and require an active posts check.

A separate account is required for each character.

The sidebar image is 250x400px and is mandatory, along with the mini icon. If you need help, please do not be afraid to ask.

You may have one faceclaim reserve at a time for a maximum of two weeks. When that reservation is over, you may reserve another.

Your first two characters are free. However, for every new character afterwards, all of your current characters must have at least five in-character roleplay posts each.

For every five students you make, you must make at least one teacher.

Civilians cannot be the first character you create, you must make either a student or a member of faculty first.

There is no word count but all members are expected to use proper grammar and maintain literacy to the best of their ability.

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