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DEC '17
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 Modeling you, Tag: Sio
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aspiring fashion designer
To say he was disappointed was an understatement. Leon was so depressed because his last model he had turned out to be a let down. The female wasn't only to slim and two small in all the right places. But she was a total bitch and wanted Leon to actually do something else. He didn't have time for childish games.

He needed to find a good model for his clothes he had in mind because he had a certain image he was looking for and clearly he didn't need a bra stuffer that wore double layers. that just annoyed him because she gave him a false impression on what he was looking for. H was almost tempted to annoy that girly boy he met in the library. Okay he wasn't that girl and was more broad then he needed for this line. But it give him something to do while he colded off at least.

Now sure it was nearly time to go home and he should have been more worried about attending his last class after break but really he was more distracted by his own thoughts that he couldn't eat even if he had wanted to. so instead of eating. Actually now would be the perfect time to scout out someone new to work with!

Grinning happily at the thought he grabbed his fedora, jumping up from the bench. First he decided to look around the garden. There was no one that really caught his eyes. A few here and there that looked like they might be decent but he wasn't looking for decent. Sighing he rubbed his head. Why was all the girls here to thin, to curvy or to sloppy with their appearance. Some had the right hair, the right breast, hips, or even the arms! But he couldn't find that one he had in vision for his new work.

Heading back into the building he decided to just head over to his locker to grab his sketch pad. Maybe he'd start on a new design for one of the girls at this school. Walking around he found himself dead stopping when he heard someone talking. Looking around he didn't see no one. Great he was losing it. Maybe he needed some more sleep.

Laughing a bit to himself he just headed over to his locker to grab his bag. Slamming the door shot after he tossed his hat inside. stuffing his hands in his overly baggy pants he was about to head back outside to draw till he felt himself slamming into someone. Groaning loudly he looked up, glaring at the other person as if they was in his way.... that was till he looked over her. She had big boobs, had the right sided hips and legs... wait! he needed to test that out! Last time he thought the hips and boobs was right..

Dropping his bag he let out an excited coo when he moved behind her, hopping the slam had at least startled her a bit as he went to wrap his hands around her waist. Ah! She wasn't wearing extra thick clothing like the last girl. ducking down to the ground he actually went to cup his hands around her thighs and calfs. Good good so far! He was liking this girls figure so much! All he had left was the boobs.. But most girls hated to be groped there right? Well that was when Leon had actually rolled backwards.

Yes he rolled around on the ground like a small child as if he knew she wouldn't like being touched and try to kick him or worse. Popping up behind her he wrapped his arms around her back to get a good feel of her boobs by hugging her upper back. Grinning from ear to ear when he realized they wasn't fake like the last girl. Oh he needed this one! She seemed perfect, he just needed to get the actual measurements to make sure he wasn't just that desperate to make it seem like she was perfect.

feels good, tastes good
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