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Posted by: bear Oct 2 2017, 12:52 PM
o7. clique influence
The CLIQUE INFLUENCE system is a way to keep track, so to speak, of which cliques are currently dominant on-site. Once a clique hits a certain threshold, they will have the option to choose from a list of several rewards with site-wide impacts!

However, keep in mind that not all cliques are created equal.


Each level of points needed is dependent on how much easier it is for certain cliques to make their presence known around campus.

However, once a clique hits their influence threshold, staff will present a list of several actions the clique can take!

Rewards include:

- Running a clique event
- Receiving an advantage in an upcoming site event
- Expanding to non-claimed turf
- Initiating a challenge to claimed turf
- Adding a custom board to site universe

Posted by: bear May 29 2018, 03:35 PM
turf system
Ridgview’s cliques have begun to claim ownership of certain areas in, and out of, the school. People belonging to one clique might find themselves frequenting one section of the site more often than members of another clique.

While you can still thread anywhere you'd like on the site, keep in mind that for in-character conflicts, characters will generally have an advantage in areas that their clique controls.

Also, threading in another clique's controlled area also has a chance of triggering RANDOM EVENTS, where an NPC may interrupt a thread and politely (or not so politely) ask your character to leave! Depending on how you react, you might have a chance to earn or lose points for your clique.


Nerds, are you tired of the Jocks hogging the sunniest spots of the school grounds? Elites, how many times have you wished the Delinquents would stop rigging pranks around every corner you turn?

When a clique hits their INFLUENCE THRESHOLD, they have the option to claim currently-unclaimed turf. A small event thread is triggered in which other cliques still have a chance to fight off the claim, but the claiming clique has advantage.

A clique can also attempt to move in on CLAIMED TURF. An event thread is triggered in which the two cliques have a chance to fight it out. Depending on how active the clique with original claim was in the board, they may have a slight or no advantage. If you want to keep your turf, you need to fight for your turf!

Posted by: bear May 29 2018, 03:46 PM
gaining influence
There are many ways to gain clique influence around Misfits! Generally, just being active on the site and in site-wide events goes a long way.

Completing a thread20 points
Completing a thread on clique turf 40 points
Completing a thread on clique turf with another member of your clique 60 points
Responding to the weekly development prompt 10 points
Collecting 5 awards 20 points
Collecting 10 awards 50 points
Making a Gossip Blog post 30 points
Taking a wanted ad (points go to created character's clique) 20 points
Featured in Student Spotlight50 points
Non-Anonymous confession published20 points
Event participation Variable
Random turf events Variable

Points in italics are not automatically distributed by staff.
Post in the INFLUENCE CLAIM to claim them!

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