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you the man right now. you the man right now. with the whole wide world in the palm of your hand right now
He didn’t do camping. He didn’t like it. What difference did nature versus his own room make when all he was going to do was read in a corner and pretend the rest of his family didn’t exist. Maybe occasionally update twitter, if he could find some signal here. Everything here was a hazard to him, the ground, the fauna, the wild animals. Everything could and would ruin his precious notebooks or paperbacks if he wasn’t careful. Even with the protection of zip lock bags it wasn’t enough! Or so, that had been what he’d said to his father who simply rebuffed the protest with a stack of Rite in the Rain notebooks, and a set of pens to match. “You’re welcome, Ozzie.” He had stated as he had confidently handed the teenager his brand-new collection of water resistant paper.

“Fuck. Me.” Oswald groaned ready to bash his head on a tree at this point. Armed with a zip lock containing a map, a compass, and a plastic protractor, Oswald had stormed off in the morning. He hated the woods. Ironic, since he loved the silence and lack of civilization, mainly people. But Oswald was a hateful little thing so of course he hated it. The blonde was too used to his personal space to really enjoy the outdoors. Outdoors didn’t have wifi or soft serve ice cream or-

Oswald paused in his angry thoughts, stopping dead in his track on the trail he’d been following. Blue eyes blinked slowly as he wiped his face. Water? He held his palm up to the sky and looked up at the grey clouds rolling through. The wind began to pick up and the trees rustled menacingly. Drip. Drip. The additional droplets seemed to be taunting him. As a gust of wind buffeted through he took off running. According to the map there was a rest stop nearby. He could wait this out there. Light flashed and immediately following echoed a crack of thunder. It sounded like a tree snapping, but 10 times as angry. Oswald took off nearly tripping over himself as he moved uphill through sand and gravel. Rain began pouring down in sheets as he slid underneath the tiny wooden, saving himself from the downpour but slamming his damp body into another person already occupying the spot.

He went down like a bowling pin and sat on random limbs for a moment before gathering himself and scrambling back up. ”Shit-“ he hissed as he grabbed his shoulder and glared. The nerd almost acted on his own anger before remembering this had been his fault for not looking ahead. The junior clamped his mouth shut fidgeting for a moment as he flicked off a leave that had stuck to him off the ground. “I-…I’m sorry.” He said, hesitating briefly as his voice came out too low before trying to adjust his volume. He began to take off his jacket to distract himself. “I got caught in the storm…and I panicked.” He explained. There was another stop as thunder cracked again, echoing through the redwoods. “Are y-you ok?” Oswald added as he shook the water off his coat and sat on the wood bench. At least there was a little shelter from the rain. He should’ve stayed in the rv.
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aspiring beautician

honesty is a virtue, and a lifestyle that i would always prefer to live by, and stand by. ...if i have to be honest myself in order to earn your honesty, then so be it.

Go outside, they said.
It'll be fun, they said.
Stop cooping yourself up inside, they said.
You'll get fat, they said.

Well y'know what she said to that? Screw 'em! Anything beat going outside and into the wilderness! Anything beat coming out here, anything beat getting herself muddy and.. Icky and bleh! At least, that's what she says now. The time when she actually doesn't want to go camping and she's complaining. When she wants to go camping and can't, she'll be complaining about staying indoors and whine up a storm. In fact, she wouldn't be surprised if said whining brewed up his monstrosity of a storm that loomed above her head. Ahhh.. This wasn't going to sit well with her. At this rate, her hair was probably going to puff up like a lion, then she was going to scream, then the scream was gonna shake the leaves and then she was gonna get drenched. Then her hair was going to get frizzy and puffy again, then she was going to scream and whine again, then there was going to be this vicious cycle of constant AHHHHHHHs for more reason than one.

Great to go out and enjoy nature. Sure, if she could find some signal out here so she can use Google maps or something. Maybe try to find out where she was in this jungle. You know, pull up that GPS or at least some sort of map on her phone. Unfortunately, there was not a single bar of signal as far as she could tell, so it looked like she was going to be taking shelter under this shelter thing. It was a wooden shelter, but to her it looked more like a really old bus stop. Ah well.. It was going to save her for the time being, sos he might as well get used to it and be grateful. Once the rain stops, though, she just has to leave and get back home. Lets just hope tha--


-- ... That it wasn't a thunder storm. The loud rumbling of thunder echoes above her head, followed by the crackling and sudden flash of the lightning. She spoke too soon, and the rain came pouring down all the more relentlessly. Now they usually shouldn't be a problem for other people. Some find them soothing, calming and for got knows why, they enjoyed the rain. It's just water, Maisie. It's just water that's pouring down from the sky. Think of it as the gods crying, or something. It's just a bit of water, a bit of air and a bit of BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. Like drums in the sky! Nothing to be afraid of, right?


How can you stay calm when everything's going BOOM, BOOM left and right? One time at home, her room started shaking because of the thunder. Shaking! Can you believe it? It was ridiculous, honestly. Then there's that thunder that could strike, even though she knows how little a chance it'll actually happen. But you see or hear of those people getting shot down by that devil's electricity? Can you tell her not to worry, now? Uh, no, you couldn't. She had perfectly logical reasons to worry. Oh god, and it was going to get cold, too. She should have checked the weather before coming out. Not only was her hair going to be a disaster, but she was going to be a disaster by the end of this! Gods, she could already feel her hands subtly shaking and trembling from the thought of a second coming of thunder. Okay. Deep breaths, Maisie. It's not too bad. Just gotta ride it out, hope you don't get sick, plug in your headphones into your phone and everything will be good. Great. Peachy.

Great idea her butt.


Just as she was about to put her headphones on, she was practically RUN OVER by another guy! The blonde female lets out a quiet squeak following her high pitched screech from the impact and jolt. Who in the god damned would run like that, in the rain of all times? Like, the nerve, right? I mean, that's what most people would say. Maisie ungracefully fell to the ground, using her hands to dig into the now mud beneath her while grumbling in distaste. But okay, that's fine. People run from the rain, she couldn't blame them. She couldn't stop them, and she couldn't complai--... Wait.

She caught herself by holding herself up with her hands in the mud.
Her phone was in her ha--

GREAT. JUST WONDERFUL. Not only was she drenched, dirty, gonna get sick, but her phone was ALSO covered in wet soil and soon-to-be-mud! The sophomore slowly raises her hand while quirking her lip towards the dirtied device, then directing her blue gaze over to the guy who so abruptly bumped into her. Again, fine. He was in a rush. She couldn't blame him for running in the rain, but at the very least he could have looked where he was going? She was just about to say something, until her ears perked up at his.. Somewhat quiet or frantic apology. Oof.. How was she supposed to blow up at him when he was apologizing like that, now? Maisie ponders her options from the ground with a quiet grumble before taking a sharo breath of the cold air. "... Pheew.. It's all good! I'm all fine!" A chirp brightly chimes from below. The student begins to pick herself up and slowly attempts at brushing off any bits of soil or whatever from her shorts, before slowly sticking her leg out into the rain in hopes to wash off the dirt that she didn't dare touch with her hands. She slowly turns her head over to the young man with a slightly weakened smile, however, before waving her phone a bit over her shoulder.

"Haaaah... I don't think I can say the same about my phone~.. What about you, though? You doing alright? You practically ran me over like BAM and WHOOSH."

Then there comes the aggressively small hand gestures caused by flicking her fingers outwards in her other hand.

oswald wyrmwood

kimmyOffline9 POSTS
you the man right now. you the man right now. with the whole wide world in the palm of your hand right now
The nerd made a face as he got comfortable under the wooden shelter. He didn’t quite believe the girl he’d knocked over, cynically doubting her cheery optimism in these circumstances. Though, he wasn’t about to call her out on it after having basically gotten her dirty for no reason. He spots the muddy phone, bits of dead leaves sticking to the screen. Another layer of cynicism overcomes him, and while she doesn’t believe she’s ok he tries to be polite about it anyway. “Oh, I’m sorry. Um.” There’s a pause as he tries to figure out a way to make it better. As he thinks of a solution though she begins talking to him.

How could he forget. Being polite seems to give people the idea you want to talk to them. Now he had to concentrate on being loud enough to be heard over all this thunder. Oswald offered a strained laugh. Practically? If he hadn’t been sliding to a halt he was sure he could’ve trampled her and kept going. “Y-Yeah…” he murmurs as he braces himself for the ensuing talk. “I’m. Fine.” He says robotically before coughing lightly and trying to continue like a normal human being that knows how to socialize with other, fellow human beings. “I…just wanted out of the storm.” He lifts up the compass hanging dutifully around his neck. “It’s metal, but I need it to get back. So, I ran.” That was also a huge excess use of hyperbole. Running was being kind. His run looked like a flamingo trying to hop over hot coals. “I was hiking.” He continued, dropping the Ziploc full of supplies next to himself. There inside was the neatly folded map, his protractor and his pencils.

He sat in silence for a moment, remembering his phone in his pocket but not wanting to bring that up so soon. Oh, right. He was going to make it up to here. “Here. I’ll clean it.” Oswald said after a few minutes of silence, and a few thunder cracks. He hoped water wouldn’t pool inside the shelter, that’s the last thing they needed. The nerd held out his hand, waiting to be handed over the phone.
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