a high school cliques rp
welcome to MISFITS, an original, slice-of-life high-school roleplay, with an emphasis on member-driven plots. while ridgeview high seems like a pleasant place, pristine-white walls hide rumors, gossip, and cliques. mean girls and sports stars rule the school, while nerds and loners band together in defense.

will you survive? or forever be a misfit?
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mar 18. the staff would like to hear your input on the site chronology! read this update for the deets.

mar 13. congratulations to our hoco court winners! additionally, we've got a new skin! pm bear if you see anything off!

mar 05. vote for hoco court!

mar 02. we have an activity check! make sure to post in it before march 12!

feb 26. homecoming & blind dates are here! check out this post for deets.

MISFITS is an original hs roleplay created by the STAFF. skin was created by BEAR for use on misfits only. visit here for full credits.

misfits! latest news: SITE CHRONOLOGY QUESTIONS
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a helpful handbook with rules and other site info to read before attending the school!
Jan 26 2017, 10:52 AM
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here, you can find updates from the staff team and more goodies. be sure to check back regularly!
Mar 18 2017, 01:09 PM
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if you need to contact the staff for moderation requests, questions or suggestions, look here. you can also find open threads and site templates in this board. guest friendly!
Mar 18 2017, 04:13 PM
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once you're ready, you can post your character's application for review in this forum! you can also find all claims here.
william o'leary
Today at 02:54 pm
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accepted applications will be locked and moved here.
Yesterday at 09:32 am
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the locale for plotters, trackers, and more wonderful character services.
gilbert deluca
Yesterday at 11:24 pm
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classrooms are organized by subject area, and though well-maintained, some are starting to show the age of the school.
glenda coco-lee
Today at 12:35 am
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the hallways connect different sections of the school and are popular spots hang out in when ditching class.
dean vegas
Mar 18 2017, 02:01 AM
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the front office, counselor's offices, and other faculty administrative areas.
sanctus erant
Feb 14 2017, 10:27 AM
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located on the second floor, the library is popular with nerds and the occasional creative. there is also a quiet study area. shh!
dean vegas
Today at 02:09 am
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the cafeteria, where students of all cliques are forced together for forty-five minutes each day.
connor lyons
Mar 11 2017, 05:16 AM
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the first-floor gymnasium is open year-round after school for indoor sports or other activities.
morgan keli'i
Today at 01:25 am
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the grounds are spacious, but constant trampling and dry socal weather mean the grass isn't always green.
flynn diarmuid
Mar 20 2017, 08:07 AM
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though technically located off-campus, the community pool is free to access for high school students. swim team holds practices here.
flynn diarmuid
Mar 20 2017, 07:46 AM
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the heart and soul of the city, downtown peachtree features several popular hangouts for students to visit.
sandro maeda
Yesterday at 03:29 pm
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scattered throughout the county, peachtree's residential areas are home to people of all backgrounds.
camille forrer
Yesterday at 11:29 pm
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though there's plenty to do in peachtree, the city outskirts are still a popular getaway choice for a weekend trip or day of hooky.
sandro maeda
Mar 20 2017, 10:22 PM
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come and get to know your fellow members!
connor lyons
Today at 08:47 am
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advertise your site on this board only. this board is guest friendly!
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this is a STAFF viewable only archive that acts as the default trash bin. do not move closed threads and apps here!

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this is the graveyard of completed threads, old apps, past events, and more. contact staff to move things. thanks for all the memories! ♥
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